Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some more pictures of the Hat and mittens sets

For sizing purposes - I took this picture but again, the picture does not do the sets justice. I will have to lay them out on the roll top desk like the first picture I added to begin with -so they are at a better angle - . The middle set is with the new yarn- it does have the ball sewn on the hat and the little string holding the mittens together is there also- if you click on these images- you should be given a larger picture to view. Okay - off I go to work on the green set with one row of white in them . . Make sure you are signed up for the feedblitz so that you get updates when updates are made and that way you wont miss out when the payment options go on up. Hugs to everyone - and again, thanks for your patience and your orders.
Plain Hat & Mittens set 5.00 a pair ( click buy now button to order)

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