Saturday, August 23, 2008

Knitted Hat & Mitten sets with 2 stripes

Knitted hat and mitten sets with one stripe of another color in them is 6.00 a pair

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some more pictures of the Hat and mittens sets

For sizing purposes - I took this picture but again, the picture does not do the sets justice. I will have to lay them out on the roll top desk like the first picture I added to begin with -so they are at a better angle - . The middle set is with the new yarn- it does have the ball sewn on the hat and the little string holding the mittens together is there also- if you click on these images- you should be given a larger picture to view. Okay - off I go to work on the green set with one row of white in them . . Make sure you are signed up for the feedblitz so that you get updates when updates are made and that way you wont miss out when the payment options go on up. Hugs to everyone - and again, thanks for your patience and your orders.
Plain Hat & Mittens set 5.00 a pair ( click buy now button to order)

Some more pictures of the little Hats and Mittens

Here are the previews I promised to put up after my Aunt discovered green yarn (darker green there in the middle of the sets there ) -in a smaller size.

The pictures do not do them justice that is for sure. They are so small and just so cute when you can hold them in your hand. ( For those of you who already have ordered- you will find this to be true when you receive your order- I'd love if you would leave some feed back here -once you have them -so others can get the "feel" from your comments of just how adorable these turned out.

I have quite a few sets done ( well- some need the little crocheted string and the little ball on the hat- I do hook the hat and mittens together by placing a small safety pin inside the hat with the string hanging over the safety pin before it is closed. - that way, they all stay together and they can be worn on a shirt/ hung on car mirrors ( if legal anymore in your state ) - and of course , they look great on Christmas trees for ornaments and last but not least- sitting on the window sills around Christmas time. If you leave the safety pin hooked as they will be when you receive them- you will not lose any part of the set. ( and as you can see by looking at this picture to the right here- some still need the white ball sewn on -but all of that goes quickly. - )

So , I'm ready to get the ball rolling and will soon have my paypal buttons up and you can order to your hearts content without having to wait for me to respond.

I have been knitting every chance I get lol and really enjoying it. I have , however- changed some of the pricing due to some of the mittens having stripes - you can see a couple mittens in the picture with stripes - - these are a bit hard on the fingers - but they are worth it . I enjoy the outcome and I hope you all will too. I am in the process of the second dark green mitten with one white stripe just above the cuff and just below the thumb on this set that I am currently knitting . They will be done today.

For those of you who already have been in contact with me and pre-ordered- you can choose whichever pairs you like at the same price I gave you the first time around. I will not raise the prices for the stripes on pre-ordered mitten sets due to you all being so patient and kind about the waiting period to order them in full. Thank you for that .

Plain mittens and hat sets will be $ 5.00
Mittens and hat sets with one stripe through them will be $ 6.00.
And mittens and hat sets with 2 stripes of white yarn will be $7.00 a pair.
And mittens and hat sets with stripes all the way through will be 8.00$ a pair.

That may seem steep but I think once you have them in your hand that you will agree that the price is not bad for the way they've turned out .

Adding a few more images in a second post just for previewing. I've done talked your eyes off here in text . -

For those of you that have ordered and been in contact with me- if by looking at these images- you know which sets you want - email me and let me know - and I'll save those out for you. There are more done than what is in this picture - so no worries there. And remember- the ones with one stripe are not in the pictures just yet- I will add that one later after I get it done.

I will be back a bit later with the pay pal buttons adjusted and set up- and the image of the mittens and hat with one stripe.

Thanks everyone for all the kind words and orders that have been coming in for these already and thank you even so much more for your patience.

Hugs, TammyJo