Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Made Hand Knitted Hat and Mitten Sets " Orders are piling up" - Get yours in ASAP.

Hand knitted hat and mittens sets.
You can see how small these are by the quarter between them.
You can hang these in your car .
Hang them on Christmas tree's.
Hang them from window sills for Christmas Decor.
Pin them to a jacket or coat !
Order specific colors so that they match school colors !
Or your favorite team colors -
Just shoot me an email with the colors necessary and decide how many stripes you want.
Pricing varies depending on the amount of stripes in the sets.
Plain sets available ( no stripes ) for just 5.00 each. S & H not included in price.
Click the image for a closer up view.

I will need your pay pal e-mail address in order to send you an invoice -
Don't forget to go to the link so you can see more and find out specific pricing depending on amount of stripes etc.

Hugs and Thank you for your interest - TammyJo ** Please note ** - other ways to contact me below if your email is returned due to g-mail issues ** (You can contact me on yahoo messenger as ( there are underscores between each word ) - and /or AOL instant messenger as IMMoonDancer **

Plain Hat & Mitten set - $ 5.00
Hat & Mitten set - 1 stripe -$ 6.00
Hat & mitten set- 2 stripes-$ 7.00
Hat & Mitten set- Stripes throughout - $ 8.00 a pair

Prices do NOT include shipping or handling fee's.

For specific colors not shown- or any questions - e-mail me at